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Spotlight: Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic Testing is a method by which pressure vessels such as pipes, fittings, complete hose assemblies, plumbing systems and tanks can be tested for strength and leakage. This test involves filling the vessel or assembly with water and then performing pressurization to the specified test pressure, for example 1.5X of the maximum working pressure.

Pressure tightness can be tested by shutting off the supply valve and observing whether there is a pressure loss. Strength is usually tested by measuring permanent deformation of the container or failure of a part of the assembly over a set period of time, for example 10 minutes minimum. Hydrostatic Testing is the most common method employed for testing / confirming an assembly's safe Max Working Pressure.

At TRC Limited, our new assemblies or even customer-provided samples can be qualified onsite through a Hydrostatic Test up to 60,000psi, based on customer and code requirements.