Learn More About TRC Limited′s Services

TRC Limited offers a variety of value added services to our customers. We pride ourselves on making life easier for our customers, made possible by our highly trained staff who possess years of service and product knowledge. At TRC Limited you receive personalized direct customer service with a real person answering your call, not an automated voicemail system to navigate.

We are a quality oriented company with advanced Quality Assurance (QA) systems experience. We work with you to build solutions based your design requirements for existing or new equipment. Some of the other things that make TRC Limited your best choice include electronic document retention, 24hr - 365 day a year service, ESA/CSA approvals for products, and blanket purchase order processing.


TRC has the ability to test a variety of products, whether manufactured, purchased or customer-supplied. TRC has tested valves, cylinders, hoses, fittings and countless other products over our 20+ years of serving the industry. The types of testing available include:

    Demonstrating sustained integrity up to 60,000psi
    Demonstrating sustained integrity up to 3000psi
    Test results are obtained by taking a product to the point where it is destroyed by the internal pressure. We document the rupture point and present a report for customer review and approval.
    Customer-supplied products are pressure tested over multiple cycles to demonstrate longevity and integrity, giving the customer written proof of sustained performance to pass on to their customers and end users.
    Hydrostatic and pneumatic seat leak testing for a variety of valve styles
    Leak test products down to 21 inHg

Technical Safety & Standards Association (TSSA)

TRC can arrange for the local TSSA representative to be present at our facility to witness any testing requested by our clients and supply signed test results to meet client needs for history document packages and design registration purposes (CRN).

Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN)

TRC has the ability and knowledge to register piping systems and fittings for a variety of applications. The CRN process can be done through engineering calculations or burst testing demonstrations, witnessed by the TSSA. TRC has performed a countless number of tests and obtained hundreds of CRN numbers in our name, or performed the necessary testing and supplied out clients with the necessary documentation for them to obtain the CRN.

Also, we are not limited to just Ontario: TRC can obtain Canada wide CRN numbers when required.

Pipe Cutting & Threading

TRC can cut and thread pipe into custom made lengths from 1/4" thru to 4" and thread the ends with standard NPT threads.

Hose End Crimping

TRC can crimp hose from 3/16" up to 4" Industrial with our 280ton hydraulic crimper. This method of end fitting installation offers superior strength and barb retention compared to conventional clamps.

Commodity Supply Services

TRC can be your Sole Source Solution; our innovative ideas and abilities allow us to make changes to suit the individual customer′s needs. Your company will see costs savings in the following areas:
  • Amalgamated supply, thus reducing purchasing, shipping and inventory costs
  • Utilizing our purchasing power by dealing directly with some of the industry′s leading manufacturers and our data base of over 1500 suppliers.
  • The unique ability of our company to source hard to find products and services
  • Onsite services for inventory control
  • Consolidated shipping - custom packaged for customers′ needs and scheduled shipping dates

On-Site Installation

TRC can offer our customers on-site installation of equipment, routine maintenance services for pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical equipment as well as a variety of millwright services.