custom manufacturing

TRC Limited Custom Manufacturing Projects

TRC Limited offers a wide range of custom manufacturing, from a simple fitting to a complex piping design requiring Canada-wide CRN registration; we can work with customers from inception to delivery for one-of-a-kind tools or larger production run assemblies.

Diaphragm Pump Assembly

TRC Ltd. Diaphragm Pump Assembly image

This pump assembly, capable of moving slurries and resins, was designed to be a 100% pneumatically powered, portable assembly mounted on a custom-designed steel frame. A safety relief valve was included to protect the pump inlet pressure.

Pipe Cutting & Threading

TRC Ltd. Custom Pipe Cutting & Threading image

TRC Limited can cut pipe, from ¼” thru 4” in diameter, into custom made lengths and thread the ends with standard NPT threads. A wide variety of fittings, including elbows, couplings, unions, nipples, tees, reducers, adapters, caps, and plugs are available as well as components such as valves, manifolds and regulators to create customized distribution and control systems.

Pneumatic Test Station

TRC Ltd. Custom Pneumatic Test Station image

This pneumatic test station was designed to meet a client need for a portable tool to provide regulated pneumatic supply in order to test components after they were rebuilt, before being returned to service. Using purified instrument air or standard service air depending on the application. A specific pressure can be set by the operator to regulate test level requirements. Valves are included to safely isolate, lock and release pressure after the test is completed.

Portable Pressure Test Cart

TRC Ltd. Custom Pressure Test Cart image

Starting with a broad set of requirements for the design of a portable pressure test cart, TRC Limited selected high quality components to best suit our client’s requirements, designed a configuration to meet the parameters provided, then presented the complete design package for client approval. Once the design was approved, the cart was manufactured with a complete stainless steel, welded enclosure which included a water reservoir, pumps, valves, safety devices, electronic alarms and other instrumentation. Prior to delivery, the client witnessed a complete functional test demonstration and TRC Limited supplied operator training for the cart prior to deployment onsite.

Sampling Tray

TRC Ltd. Custom Sampling Tray image

The sampling tray project is based on a client need for a portable unit that could take 100% humidity air supply, filter out the humidity from the sample and enable them to capture a dry air sample for later lab analysis. TRC Limited designed a unit which weighs less than 20lbs, allows a technician to take it into a tight location and obtain an air sample as per requirements. This unit features control valves, flow meter and filter system supplied with complete CRN registration.

Pressure Test Tube

TRC Ltd. Custom Pressure Test Tube image

The pressure test tube is made from 6” Schedule 10 pipe with flanges and outlets welded in place. The system has a working pressure of 150 psi, complete with pressure regulators and safety relief valves. Designed with versatility in mind, the client can externally attach equipment to the flanged ends or seal within the pipe, allowing for material to be internally or externally tested for leaks. The assembly was certified by the TSSA and has a valid Ontario CRN registration.