TRC Ltd. Offers Custom Tooling & Designs

TRC can manufacture a variety of items from simple machined blocks to complex piping systems. Here are some examples of projects that we have recently completed:

Hydraulic Lift / Storage Cart

TRC used a standard JOBSITE box and incorporated a hydraulic lift cart inside the box. This allowed the end user to store heavy valuable equipment inside the storage box but when it was needed, they could lift the equipment up to a work height without any strain on the worker from bending over.

It also eliminated the need for additional lifting equipment to be present and gave them the ability to move the stored items to the jobsite before removing them from the storage box and eliminating the chance of damage during transport.
TRC Ltd Custom Lift Cart

Pressure Test Tube

TRC Ltd Custom Pressure Test Tube

The Pressure Test Tube is made from 6 Schedule 10 Pipe with flanges and outlets welded in place. The system has a design pressure of 150psi, complete with pressure regulators and safety relief valves. The end user can attached equipment to the flanges and either leave the parts externally or insert them for the length of the pipe then seal the ends. This allows for material to be internally or externally tested for leaks. The assembly is certified by The TSSA and has a valid Ontario CRN registration.

Sampling Tray

The sampling tray project was a request sent to TRC describing how our client needed a portable unit that could take 100% humidity air supply, filter out the humidity from the sample and allow them to capture a dry air sample that could be taken to a lab for analysis.

TRC designed the unit which weighed less than 20lbs, allows a technician to take it into a tight location and obtain an air sample as per the requirements. This unit features control valves, flow meter and filter system and was supplied with complete CRN registration.
TRC Ltd Custom Sampling Tray

Vacuum Cup Assembly

This assembly features a mounting system for a pneumatic cylinder that allows the vacuum cup to grab an object when the cylinder extends fully.

Upon full retraction, the lever moves, allowing air in behind the cup which releases the material. Our innovative design allows for the vacuum cup to be quickly changed once it states to wear, resulting in minimal down time for the production line.
TRC Ltd Custom Vacuum Cup Assembly

Pressure Test Cart

TRC Ltd Custom Pressure Test Cart TRC Ltd Custom Pressure Test Cart

TRC was given a broad range of parameters for the design of the portable pressure test cart. We selected high quality components to best suit our clients requirements, designed the equipment to meet the parameters provided, then presented the complete design package for client approval.

Once the design had been approved, the cart was manufactured with a complete stainless steel welded enclosure which included a water reservoir, pumps, valves, controls, safety devices, electronic alarms and various other details.The client was able to come to TRC and witness a complete functional test and TRC supplied onsite training for the cart prior to shipping the unit to the site.

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